After working with potters, broom makers, contractors, embroiderers and carpenters, Design Museum Dharavi presents its fourth exhibition: The Waterproof Project, a collaboration with the leather workers of Dharavi. The exhibition revolves around the monsoon time and the iconic blue tarpaulin material that covers and protects most of Dharavi from the heavy rains.

Instead of using leather, the museum proposed local tailors and bag makers to experiment with sheets of colourful tarp, a familiar yet unexpected plastic textile to work with. In the beginning there was a certain resistance, as tarp is commonly perceived as a cheap and ordinary material compared to leather. But after the first experimental stage local makers found it easy and fun to work with tarp, opening up many new and exciting possibilities.

A new series of bags spontaneously emerged, first plain and then with more complex and detailed patterns, shapes and sizes. Bags extended into boxes and belts, and then a completely new range of objects emerged -all waterproof of course!

The exhibition will showcase these new products for the very first time, marking the end of the monsoon season and giving this material a completely new twist through the skilled hands of the local tailors of Dharavi.  

Come find us at our new location!

Design Museum Dharavi – The Waterproof Project

90ft Road, behind Dharavi Police Station, Block 5,

Husania Masjid & Maulana Azad School Ground.

Opening Thursday 27th October from 15h to 18h.

Exhibition open on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 October